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Fusion Restaurant - Jewish cuisine
and meat smoker

Basher restaurant. An innovative and magical restaurant in the Old City of Safed, open on Sundays-Thursdays with a chef's menu that combines advanced cooking methods with a twist of fine cuts of meat from the smokehouse.

A Jew with shredded meat, lynches with smoked liver, and the highlight is juicy asado with slow smoking from the smokehouse and 8-hour smoked brisket of Basher, and other classic 'regular' dishes such as steak roca, and entrecote steak on bone, fish for shine and more. A unique and upgraded menu with flavors and aromas that will make a visit to the north a sensational experience.

The restaurant is strictly kosher, and kosher by the Badatz of the Haredi community. 35 Jerusalem Street, (former Bank Leumi building) Safed.